About Us

New Beginnings Animal Rescue began in 2016 after I branched off of the animal shelter I had been working at for 9 years. I wanted to take things in my own direction and be able to work independently with my fosters and veterinarian. My Name is Taylor Smith (formerly Buttelwerth) and I have been involved in the animal rescue world since 2009. In addition, I have been working in the veterinary field since 2012. I am currently working full time as a veterinary technician in Northern Kentucky along with running the rescue, a small business, and being a mother and wife. 

I have an amazing group of foster families who dedicate so much time, energy, and love into caring for the cats and kittens in our rescue. Without them, the rescue would not be able to continue to help these precious animals. New Beginnings relies on donations and does not get any government funding. 

Our mission is to to reduce the number of homeless cats in the Greater Cincinnati area by providing a compassionate, no-kill animal rescue and promoting responsible pet care. We aim provide much-needed care for unwanted, lost, and neglected cats in our community.